A dedicated Server at a Low Price is a Service Offered by Webarehosting. Where We Provide Physical Servers to Online Services. If You Want to Own a Website, Dedicated Hosting is What You Need. However, dedicated Hosting is Expensive Mainly Because of its Features and Hardware Requirements. So if You Find a Dedicated Hosting server At a Low Price, We are Here!

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Dedicated Server Low Price


Why we use Dedicated Server?

We Recommended Dedicated Hosting Server because its offers many advantages over shared hosting in terms of speed, stability, and security. We Suggest Using Dedicated Hosting Server For Your Websites Due to These Reasons. Our Low Price Dedicated Server Features: High performance, Scalable, Easy deployment, Automatic updates, Easy management, No downtime, Fast, Security And Reliable. Our Dedicated Servers are servers that are solely dedicated to hosting your website. These servers have a complete set of tools such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache installed and running. We Are Perfect For Any Type of Site Because We Were Built With The Client's Best Interest in Mind. We Are Always Working to Find Ways to Improve the Performance of Those Servers. If Your Site is Popular Enough, There Will be Times When You Need to Scale Up.If You're Getting Hit Hard by Traffic Spikes, Then You'll Probably Want to Move Your Website To a Larger Server. But If You're Just Starting Out, Don't Worry -- You Can Get Started Right Now!

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

A High Percentage of Uptime Means That Your Web Server Has Been Running Smoothly for Longer Periods of Time Than 99.9%. This is What We Strive For You.

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Email Server

You're Going to Work With an Established Provider with Email Server Security. A Reputable Service Should Have Positive Reviews From Happy Customers.

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Our Awesome Support

If You Need Contact With us For Any Reason Please Use Our Email or Skype or as You Choose Below Just One Click Support.


SALE Intel Dual Quad - USA 2xL5420 (8 Cores) 16GB ECC 2x 1 TB SATA HDD 10 TB Bandwidth $135.00 $125.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE
SALE Dual Quad - USA 2xL5630 (16 Cores w/t HT) 48 GB DDR3 ECC - RAM 1 TB SATA / 256GB SSD 30 TB Bandwidth $170.00 $150.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE
SALE Indian E3-1230 V6 (8 Cores w/t HT) 16 GB DDR4 - RAM 256 GB SSD 1.5 TB Bandwidth $220.00 $180.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE
SALE E3-1230 v3 3.3GHz Haswell (4 cores + HT) 16GB 240GB SSD 20TB $150.00 $120.00 INSTANT Stock Out
SALENEW E3-1230 v3 3.3GHz Haswell (4 cores + HT) 16GB 240GB SSD 20TB $150.00 $120.00 INSTANT STOCK OUT