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Are you too worried about your VPS server? The days of worry are over. We (webarehosting) come with the best VPS server ever which will remove all worries of everyone. If you want to buy Windows VPS or Linux VPS and other installations of VPS like Debian, and Ubuntu then we can help you completely. Also, we have multiple location VPS which will be very convenient for you and you can get the VPS easily with instant setup. if you face any problem related to VPS Our experts are always ready to solve your problem. Contact us for any information.

(Virtual Private Server)

A VPS server is like a virtual computer where you can store all the files and databases you need for your work. And there you can Run much necessary software like SMTP etc. Our VPSs are the best, different, and of superior quality. If you choose our VPS you can get a dedicated living condition server with a great and powerful vCore, 200% SSD storage options, and up to 2 Gbps of unmetered bandwidth from us. All our VPS is tailored to all your needs. Which is able to grow your business. VPS always uses a few different kinds of ports. Some of these ports are very important. All ports of our VPS are open. There is nothing to fear from problems like server down. It is our duty to serve the best service ever. If you are here to buy vps then webarehosting has the right vps for you.



All VPS plans you order from our VPS page will be set up instantly as per your needs. Also, if you want to contact us for a custom order and make a purchase, you will be set up immediately. You don't have to wait extra time except for the setup time. You have to wait a little bit while only you buy windows vps. Because it takes a while to set up.


Configuration refers to installing many things inside your VPS. We have multiple OS that can be of great benefit to you and your work also. We have CentOS 7, CentOS Stream 8, CentOS Stream 9, AlmaLinux 8, AlmaLinux 9, Rocky Linux 8, Rocky Linux 9, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, Debian 10, Debian 11, and also windows versions like 12, 16,19, etc these versions are available on our vps server.


The Username Ubuntu is a really big thing in the world of Ubuntu VPS. Even if all the markets can provide you Ubuntu VPS, But they will fail to provide you with Ubuntu as a username for that VPS. If you choose us for your VPS, you can easily get Ubuntu as a username for your VPS. Which is good for Ubuntu VPS users.


One of the most important aspects of running a website is uptime. 1 second of website downtime is enough to lose potential clients. Which is very painful for all marketers. You never want your website to be down in any way. For this, you better choose us as we guarantee 99.99% server uptime. Please do not waste your time and make an online business by choosing the best VPS server with webarehosting.


Did you know that one of the most crucial choices you will make is where to locate your virtual private server (VPS)? That's why you need to buy vps in the exact location you want. All our vps are with dedicated IPs. Because shared IP is not like that type of powerful. We provide VPS with multiple locations. Germany, Netherlands, USA are also more specific like Los Angels.


As per all the buyer needs, we have multiple pricing plans with packages. It is important to have multiple packages in the pricing plan. The main reason is that every person's needs are different, and that's why we took this step. After that, if anyone needs a custom plan, please feel free to contact our live chat options. We will do that immediately.


Server Configaretion Cost Buy Pakege


1 CPU vCORE-1GB RAM- 25GB SSD Space-1TB Bandwidth $10.95
Per Month
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2 CPU vCORE-2GB RAM- 50GB SSD Space-1TB Bandwidth $17.95
Per Month
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4 CPU vCORE-4GB RAM- 100GB SSD Space-2TB Bandwidth $28.95
Per Month
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6 CPU vCORE-8GB RAM- 200GB SSD Space-4TB Bandwidth $40.95
Per Month
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If you choose us for your VPS, you'll find the easiest way to access your purchased VPS. Which will benefit you a lot. Our VPS is configured in such a way that you can choose the VPS as per your needs and use them easily. Hope you will not face any problems using our VPS. Even then, we are here to solve any problem.


We assure you that our VPS comes with the best security you want with the best quality ever. Our VPS security is so hard. We guarantee you won't experience problems like protracted downtime or poor security. With our VPS you will never be disappointed. Also, We guarantee a server speed that is satisfactory to all of our customers, and we are confident that you will agree.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

Our VPSs come with 24/7/365 assistance. We never want you to face any kind of trouble with our VPS. This will damage our company's reputation. Even then if you face any problem due to any technical fault! then we are available 24/7/365 to solve all your VIPS-related problems. Don't forget to contact us with any problem. We'll start the appropriate processes right away to save you as much time as we can. Thank you

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Basically, the instrument plays a very big role in any work. But in the online business, you need only the device for your work. But now if any kind of problem occurs with these devices it feels very disappointing to work. To remove all these frustrations, we have come up with solutions to all your problems related-VPS.


We can give many valid reasons to choose us to buy vps. But we want everyone to choose us for our success. Moreover, we have many specialties. If you need any assistance related to the VPS server purchased from us, we are ready to help you as soon as possible. We always try to respond very quickly if someone messages us for a specific reason. We never want any of our customers to wait too long. The way to reach us is really very easy. Only for the buyer's comfort, we have multiple O/S. You can buy any kind of installation VPS. Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, etc as the customer wants to buy from us. We don't just install O/S all these installations are working very smoothly. We have not received any kind of complaints about our installation. we know all the buyers will genuinely be in contact with us for the instant setup. But let me inform you this first that our VPS will be set up instantly as per your need. This type of VPS you can get at the most attractive and affordable price. We know that different people use it for different reasons that's why we arranged a multiple package system on our pricing plan as per the customer need. Even then, if you don't like the default plan, you can contact us and get a custom plan at the most affordable price. We also have multiple payment gateways as customers want to pay by their comfort zone. You can pay on the perfect money (PM). So far we have not received any reports of any hardware failure of our VPS. You can check out our review section if you want. We are trying to give the best security at this low price only to our customers. Our all kind of VPS is comes with dedicated IPs and the VPSs all ports are opened. If any port is not open, let us know and we will open it. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any quarry.


If you are a VPS user then you already know that a port is a really very important thing on a VPS server. If that port is not open, then much of your software will not work, such as SMTP. Which would be very unfortunate for a VPS user. There are many transport protocol ports such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and SCTP, which a VPS user very much needs. Moreover, there are many other important ports that also play many roles such as 3389, 21, 18, etc. The Port numbers are assigned in various ways. For example, there are many ports like FTP port (20), ssh port (22), nameserver port (42), mpm port (45), etc. We do not want our customers to face any port-related issues. Because we are experts in solving all port-related problems. Along with this, we are also able to enable all ports. Just tell us which port you need to open and we will open it immediately and you don't have to pay any money for it. Most of the VPS server users need the 25 port open for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) for their work. Never open any ports unless necessary.

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